By Emil Jurado | Manila Standard Today | March 11, 2015 buying papers If there’s anybody to blame for the confusion caused by the decision of the Arbitration Tribunal created by the Baguio Regional Trial Court to resolve with finality the controversy between the Bases Conversion Development Authority and Robert Sobrepena’s Camp John Hay Development Corp., it’s BCDA’s president Arnel Casanova and BCDA lawyers.

follow url They have come out with the argument that if the Arbitration Board had ruled that CJHDevco was mandated to leave the Camp,since lease agreement of CJHDevco with BCDA had been rescinded for mutual breaches of contract, all the contracts of locators, unit owners and sub-lessees entered into with CJHDevco are in effect non-existing.

I don’t know what kind of lawyers BCDA has, but any lawyer will tell you that there are such things as vested rights of locators, unit owners and sub-lessees. They are all in good good faith because they are not participants to the controversy.

follow link dov gordon phd thesis My gulay, with that kind of argument, no wonder the development of Camp John Hay is now at risk.

It’s really a pity since Baguio as a tourist destination in the North also at risk with the kind of officials and lawyers BCDA has. In fact, the full development of Camp John Hay is at a standstill.